Kick things up a notch with this beautifly crafted checker cheese board. Made with with walnut and premium pine this board will compliment game night or an elegant serving piece. This board comes with a tin of Bad Jade Butter and sponge applicator.

Feet: Clear

Dimensions: 10x11

Height:  1/4 inch thickness


Every board will show knife marks, this does not indicate a faulty board. 


Cutting Board Care:

Oil often with our Bad Jade Butter. After every use if possible but at least once a week to avoid drying out the board

Do not put in the dishwasher...ever!

Hands wash with hot water and a mild dish soap. 

Do not let the board sit in hot water.

A lemon and sea salt scrub will help get stains out

For a stronger disinfectant rinse with white vineagar, then apply baking soda and scrub and rinse.

Elegantly Crafted Cheese Board

  • Seller will accept a return for up to 15 days after board has shipped. 

  • Cutting boards need conditioning at least once a month to maintain quality. Do not soak the board in hot water. Clean board with soap and water and a sponge. Do not put a wood cutting in the dishwasher. Seller is not responsible for mishandled cutting boards.